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When COVID-19 necessitated school closures in Haiti in March of 2020, educators and actors had to work quickly to maintain student learning during the crisis. Haiti’s current distance learning program is primarily online; however, only 40% of Haitian households have access to a power source, let alone a reliable internet connection (USAID 2018), that would enable them to use the program.

Recognizing radio as the most democratic and effective means of disseminating learning materials in Haiti, GC-DWC Haiti, in collaboration with Catholic Relief Services Haiti (CRS) and the Episcopal Commission for Catholic Education (CEEC), created three radio programs - a literacy program supplemented with a reading hour program, and a pre-K social and emotional learning (SEL) and parent engagement  program - as part of a comprehensive approach to distance learning in a low-tech environment. Programming for 1st and 2nd grade students is supported through a Global Development Alliance (GDA), Read Haiti, composed of USAID, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and an anonymous foundation. Programming for pre-K students and parents is supported by Strong Beginnings, a GDA currently supported by USAID with matching support anticipated from private foundations in the next 6 months. The programs incorporate learning opportunities in both Haitian Creole and French; SEL themed lessons; interactive activities for younger students; and strategies for parents to support young learners at home.

Read Haiti Radio Program Details:

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We invite you to explore the complete collection of episodes from all three programs below. Within each page, you will find additional information on the specific program and have the opportunity to listen to a sample of the episodes and navigate to the complete episode library in Google Drive for free download. For more expedient download, you can access the entire library here.


Literacy Lessons

Explore 36 different literacy lessons with accompanying comprehension worksheets, available in French and Creole!

Pre-K/Parent Radio Program

Explore our 18-episode series for Pre-K students and parents. These episodes feature a new SEL theme every week and include read-alouds, wiggle times, and a parent question-answer session!

Reading Hour

Join our readers for new stories every week in Creole. There are 12 episodes total with 24 stories to explore!

Read Haiti Strong Beginnings Pre-K Parent Radio Infographic

Read Haiti Strong Beginnings Literacy Lessons Radio Infographic

For more information, please contact the Read Haiti/Strong Beginnings Team:

Kate Schuenke-Lucien, Director of Haiti Initiatives: kschuenk@nd.edu

Tamara Doucet-Larozar, Associate Director of Language and Literacy Education: tdoucetl@nd.edu

Michael Berino, Associate Director of ProjectAssociate Management: mberino@nd.edu

In the wake of political unrest and COVID-19, Haiti's school children will have missed 60% of their scheduled school days in the 2019-2020 school year. To learn more about the GC-DWC's response to COVID-19 in Haiti, please visit our COVID-19 response page.



A special thank you to our partners and donors who helped to make these radio programs a reality.

USAIDLogoWKKellogFoundationLogo            An Anonymous Foundation


Thank you as well to the creative artists who brought these radio programs to life through their music and stories:

ARB Music World Children's Songs, Monde des Titounis, Les P’tits z’Amis, Little Angel - Français!, Jeescreation, Blue Butterfly/Lakou Kajou, EducaVision, Maison Henri Deschamps / Editha, Les Éditions Haïtiennes


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