The Reading Hour

from the Strong Beginnings Haiti radio program.

Radio Distance Learning: The Reading Hour

The Reading Hour is a collection of 12 different episodes covering a diverse collection of 24 stories. Explore the series and read a short description of each episode below or listen to a sample from each week's broadcast.

Episode Guide

Explore the content of each week's episodes below and listen to a sample. You can access and download the episodes by clicking the link to access the full week of episodes at the bottom of each section. 

Episode 1: The importance of relationships: family and friends

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Episode 2: A historic exploration of female figures Haiti

Episode 3: An exploration of the sun and moon

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Episode 1: Bravery in the face of obstacles

Listen to episode 1!

Episode 2: Exploration of genres: Fairy Tales

Episode 3: Exploration of genres: Folk Tales

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Episode 1: Exploration of Genre: Fairy tales

Listen to episode 1!

Episode 2: Family ties and traditions

Episode 3: Haitian culture, art, and traditions

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Episode 1: Haitian geographic landmarks and patriotism

Listen to episode 1!

Episode 2: Emotional regulation

Episode 3: Nurturing friendships

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