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Radio Distance Learning: Pre-K and Parent Program

A complement to the literacy radio program, the pre-K and parent radio program incorporates SEL themes, interactive activities for younger students, and strategies for parents to support young learners at home. Explore the series and read a short description of each episode below or listen to a sample from each week's broadcast.

Episode Guide

Explore the content of each week's episodes below and listen to a sample. You can access and download the episodes by clicking the link to access the full week of episodes at the bottom of each section. 

Episode 1: Sense of Self

Students learn the mantra "I am smart and can do anything I put my mind to" while parents understand the unique period of growth during the first 1,000 days of a child's life, particularly healthy brain development.

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Episode 2: Relationship Skills

Parents and children recognize the importance of a healthy parent-child relationship with respect at the forefront.

Episode 3: Review of Sense of Self and Relationship Skills

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Episode 1: Emotional Understanding

Focusing on emotions, students better understand the concept of separation while parents understand strategies to cope with stress and hardship.

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Episode 2: Acceptance

Students recognize that we all share similarities and differences. Parents understand temperament, and how this affects not only themselves but their children as well.

Episode 3: Review of Emotional Understanding and Acceptance

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Episode 1: Self-Direction

Play is important to healthy brain development, developing children's creativity, motor skills, and emotional strength.

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Episode 2: Sense of Self/Critical Thought

Students understand the power of using their words wisely, and parents explore how to encourage development of their children's language and communication skills.

Episode 3: Review of Self-Direction and Sense of Self/Critical Thought

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Episode 1: Self Management

Students learn how to cope with negative emotions while parents learn positive discipline strategies to deal with misbehavior at the home.

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Episode 2: Self Management

Students recognize the different types of emotions they may experience. Parents acknowledge the negative effects of corporal punishment and further explore alternative, solution-based discipline methods.

Episode 3: Review of Self Management

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Episode 1: Resilience

Focusing on self-control, parents and children examine different coping skills, particularly how to calm oneself when upset.

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Episode 2: Resilience

In light of COVID-19 safety measures, parents and children discuss the importance of maintaining good hygiene such as how to properly wash one's hands.

Episode 3: Review of Resilience

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Episode 1: Emotional Understanding

In addition to taking care of one's physical self, parents and children understand that emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing are equally valuable.

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Episode 2: Resilience

Students reiterate the mantra "I am smart and can do anything I put my mind to." Parents share success stories incorporating positive parenting techniques at home.

Episode 3: Review of Emotional Understanding and Resilience

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