Health and Psychosocial Messaging

from the Read Haiti/Strong Beginnings radio program

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Strong Beginnings/Read Haiti team developed short health and psychosocial messages to be broadcasted with the initiative's three radio programs: Literacy Lessons, Pre-K Parent Programming, and the Reading Hour.

These messages provide children and families with important health information about COVID-19 and steps they can take to minimize their risk. Additionally, the psychosocial messages acknowledge the emergence of new stressors and anxieties prompted by COVID-19 and provide students and their families with concrete strategies and coping mechanisms to counteract the ill-effects of stress.


Health Messaging 

Message 1: What is the Coronavirus? General reminders to protect ourselves and stay healthy

Message 2: Importance of handwashing

Message 3: How and when to wear a face mask

Message 4: Importance of staying home / Social distancing

Message 5: People at risk of contracting the Coronavirus

Psychosocial Messaging

Message 1: Introduction and importance of maintaining our psychosocial health 

Message 2: Anxieties, worries, and fears and breathing exercises

Message 3: Missing family and friends and coping strategies


Lakou Kajou: When I go to school

In this song in Haitian Creole, children will learn safe practices for returning to school.