Nikhit D'Sa


Dr. Nikhit D’Sa is a developmental psychologist with a decade of experience as an education technical advisor and applied researcher in low-resource, crisis, and conflict settings. He has expertise developing and managing cross-sectoral learning frameworks, leading impact evaluations, conducting qualitative and mixed-methods studies, designing and validating assessment tools, and working with practitioners to make evidence-based changes to interventions. Dr. D’Sa has worked as a trainer, counselor, and consultant on child and youth development projects around the world with multiple international and civil society organizations. Before joining the University of Notre Dame, Dr. D’Sa served as the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Learning at Save the Children. In this role, he helped establish and grow the Education in Emergencies research team, while also designing and validating the International Social and Emotional Learning Assessment (ISELA) and the Holistic Assessment of Learning and Development Outcomes (HALDO). Dr. D’Sa holds a Master of Education in International Education Policy and a Doctor of Education in Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.