ESS Juniors present at Slovakian Educational Conference

ESS Juniors Tyler Martire and Olivia Harle while studying ESS in London had the excellent opportunity to present at the “Better Together” Slovakian Educational Conference earlier this month where they spoke about identity in schooling.

The opportunity to be together with other educators from other nations and hear about similar experiences solidified for Ms. Harle her desire to teach and she is hopeful that her first opportunity to do so will come through the ACE Teaching Fellows program so she can take these international experiences to her own students and teach them about the cultures she experienced while learning about her own students’ cultures as well.

Mr. Martire noted that being around people from other nations who are equally passionate about education excites him to hopefully use his experiences and opportunities to amplify his own students’ voices and to help them connect and share educational experiences with others around the world. The conference experience piqued his desire to set up a digital exchange with those he met and his own students if he is fortunate enough to be admitted into the ACE Teaching Fellows or another graduate teaching program.

To see the two tell the story of their conference via Instagram check out this link: on the ESS Instagram page, just click the circle at the top if you have an Instagram account.

Congratulations to these ESS students on their presentations and their presentations in Slovakia while studying abroad!