Labs, assistantships, and capstone info

We encourage ESS students to get involved in research well before senior year. Here are tools to help you along the way.

Research Brochure

A list of professors, their disciplines, and research interests

Choosing an Advisor

Tips for finding and reaching out to a faculty advisor

ESS Thesis Proposal

For juniors planning to write an ESS Thesis or Thesis in Major (due April 15)

ESS Capstone and Thesis FAQs

To help you decide which research option to pursue and why

Frabutt Prize for Outstanding Education Research in the Community

The Frabutt Prize annually recognizes the most outstanding education research project by a graduating senior working with a Fellow or Affiliate from the Institute for Educational Initiatives. Nominated projects are evaluated for their significance, originality, independence, and ability to address a specific community concern.



  • Maddie McBride with Partners: Maker Spaces at Marshall Traditional School, Kennedy Academy, and Swanson Traditional School
  • Title: The “Makings” of Elementary School Makerspaces


  • Kate Morse and SBCSC District Office and Riley High School
  • Examining the Effects of COVID-19 on Student Participation and Performance on the 2020 AP STEM Exams


  • Julian Bonds and Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School
  • The Color of the Canon: The Representation of African-American Students in Prominent High School English Texts


  • Paige Curley and Holy Cross Grade School
  • Canon, Curricula, and Classrooms: The Power of Multicultural Latino/a Literature in English Education


  • Katie Ward and the American Indian Catholic Schools Network
  • The Formation of Catholic Identity and Character in Native American Catholic Schools


  • Moira Stotz and Muessel Primary
  • “To teach in a way that gives opportunities to all my students”: Elementary Teacher Perceptions of Teaching for Social Justice


  • Daara Jalili and Washington High School
  • The Efficacy of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Cultivating Positive Student-Teacher Relationships


  • Madeline Hahn and St. Adalbert’s School
  • Which Classroom is Best? A Comparative Study of Spanish Classes for Heritage Language Learners

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