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Intro Course

ESS 33600-01 (10130) Education, Schooling & Society (McKenna) M W – 2:00P – 3:15P

Senior Capstone Seminar

ESS43640-01 (11786) Seminar Educational Research (Christensen) T R – 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS43640-02 (13327) Seminar Educational Research (Dallavis) T R – 9:30A – 10:45A

ESS43640-03 (16869) Seminar Educational Research (Kloser) M W – 11:00A – 12:15P

Education-Focused Electives

ESS23601 (16868) (1cr) Where Can ESS Take You? (Christensen) T – 11:00A – 12:15P

ESS30401-01 (13732) Writing Ctr. Theory & Practice (Capdevielle) TBD

ESS30605-01 (15337) Education Law and Policy (Schoenig) M W – 3:30P – 4:45P

ESS30614-01 (14204) Educational Psychology (Christensen) T R – 12:30P – 1:45P

ESS30628-01 (20365) Landscapes of Urban Education (McKenna) M W – 12:30P – 1:45P

ESS30636-01 (20767) God, Country, Notre Dame (Collier) M W – 8:00A – 9:15A

ESS30674-01 (16877) Methods in SL Teaching (Oglesbee) T R – 12:30P – 1:45P

ESS33631-01 (20369) Lang, Literacy, Power in Ed (Macalusos) M W – 9:30A – 10:45A

ESS33636-01 (20370) CBL:CogScience Goes to School (McNeil) T R – 11:00A – 12:15P

ESS35372-01 (19903) Anth of Childhood & Education (Blum) M W – 12:30P – 1:45P

ESS36615-01 (12853) Directed Readings (Collier) (var cr)

ESS36615-02 (15527) Directed Readings (Christensen) (var cr)

ESS40680-01 (17657) International and Comparative Education Policy (D'agostino) M W 9:30A - 10:45A

Education-General Electives

ESS20203-01 (15982) Intro to Social Problems (Williams) M W – 11:00A – 12:15P

ESS30205-01 (17916) Race and Ethnicity (Zimmerman)  T R  - 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS30217-01 (15983) Stats Sociological Research (TBD) T R - 12:30P - 1:45P

ESS30595-01 (21435) Podcast America (Collier) M W – 9:30A – 10:45A

Research Labs

ESS47602-01* (13529) Research Lab (McKenna)

ESS47602-02* (13686) Research Lab (McNeil)

ESS47602-03* (16372) Research Lab (D'agostino)

ESS47602-04* (14914) Research Lab (Macaluso, Mike)

ESS47602-05* (13705) Research Lab (Collier)

ESS47602-06* (14009) Research Lab (Macaluso, Kati)

ESS47602-08* (13701) Research Lab (Kloser)

ESS47602-10* (14106) Research Lab (Dallavis)

ESS47602-12* (15468) Research Lab (Trinter)

ESS47602-16* (16199) Research Lab (Lemrow)

ESS47602-17* (17915) Research Lab (Morrell, Ernest)

ESS47602-20* (21539) Research Lab (Zimmermann, Calvin)

Intro Course 

ESS33600-01 (21362)  Education, Schooling & Society (Christensen) T TH 12:30P – 1:45P

Education-Focused Electives

ESS 20208-01 (31043) Learning in Informal Environments (Svarovsky) MW 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS 20650-01 (26391) Latinos, Literacy and Gender (Lemrow) M W 9:30A - 10:45A

ESS 30474-01 (32070) The Perplexing Challenges of Education Reform (Scully) T 7:00P - 9:30P

ESS 30504-01 (31626) Economics of Education (Gibbs) M W 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS 30614-01 (26900) Educational Psychology (Christensen) M W 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS 30629-01 (31044) Early Childhood Education Policy (Fulcher-Dawson) M W 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS 33613-01 (24896) History of Am.Indian Education (Collier) M W 8:00A - 9:15A

ESS 33624-01 (31046) Shakespeare & Tolkien: Literature and School (Staud) M W 11:00A - 12:15P

ESS 33627-01 (31579) CBL: Literacy Development and Children (Christensen) T 2:00P - 3:15P

ESS 33629-01 (31047)  Diversity in Young Adult Lit (Macaluso) M W 9:30A – 10:45A

ESS 33632-01 (27446) Literature for Children (Morrell) T TH 11:00A – 12:15P

ESS 33635-01 (27448) International & Comparative Ed (D’Agostino) M W 12:30P – 1:45P

ESS 36615-02 (23891)  Directed Readings (McKenna)*

ESS 36615-03 (24343)  Directed Readings (Fulcher-Dawson)*

ESS 40263-01 (22118)  Autism Spectrum Disorder IW (Wier) M W 2:00 - 3:15P

ESS 43206-01 (31214) Can We Improve US Schools? (Berends) T TH 9:30A - 10:45A

ESS43258-01 (28854) Motivation & Academic Learning (Christensen) M W - 12:30 - 1:45P

ESS48100-02 (24498) Thesis in ESS (McNeil) TBA

ESS48100-07 (27450) Thesis in ESS (Collier) TBA

ESS48100-08 (27451) Thesis in ESS (Morrell) TBA

Education-General Courses

ESS 20211-01 (26829) Understanding Societies (Christiano) T TH 3:30P – 4:45P

ESS 30217-01 (22784) Stats Sociological Research (Martinez-Schuldt) M W 11:00A – 12:15P

ESS43250-01 (28616) Morality, Parenting and Nature (Narvaez) T TH 3:30P - 4:45P 

1-Credit Courses

ESS 33362-01 (25372) Soc Con Sem: L’Arche C’munty (Lantz) W 5:00 – 6:30P

Research Labs 

ESS47602-01* Research Lab (McKenna)

ESS47602-03* Research Lab (Fulcher-Dawson)

ESS47602-06* Research Lab (McNeil)

ESS47602-07* Research Lab (JMorrell)

ESS47602-08* Research Lab (EMorrell)

ESS47602-09* Research Lab (Macaluso)

ESS47602-10* Research Lab (Kloser)

ESS47602-11* Research Lab (Svarovsky)

ESS47602-12* Research Lab (Garnett, Schoenig)

ESS47602-13* Research Lab (D’agostino)

(Check for Availability)

Budapest, Hungary

ESS 34710   Practicum: Experiencing the Hungarian Approach thru Observation/Teaching (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34711   Discovery Learning: The Posa Method (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34712   Problem Solving in Secondary School Mathematics (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Dakar, Senegal

ESS 34700   Education and Culture (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Dublin, Ireland

ESS 34720    Philosophy and Sociology of Education: Essential Information (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34721    Irish Educational History and Policy (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Fremantle, Australia

ESS 34670   Children's Literature (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34671   Development and Learning (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34673   Understanding and Guiding Children’s Behavior (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34674   Principles of Primary Religious Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34675   Families and Partnerships in Teaching and Learning (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34676   Child Development 0-8 (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34677   Introduction to Teaching and the Curriculum Framework (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34678   Catering for Students with Special Needs (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

London, England

ESS 34352   Directed Rdgs: Catechesis for Children and Families in London (V)

ESS 34354   London Education Internship (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 44351   Influences on Early Social and Cognitive Development (3 cr.) Ed-General

Nagoya, Japan

ESS 34680 Comparative Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Puebla, Mexico

ESS 34690 Internship in Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34691 Learning Strategies and Service (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Rome, Italy

ESS 34660 Developmental Psychology (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 35662 Cognitive Psychology (3 cr.) Ed-General

Santiago, Chile

ESS 34650  Education in Our Time (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34651  Education and Philosophy (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34652 Diversity and Inclusion in Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34653  Approaches to Poverty and Development (3 cr.) Ed-General

ESS 34654  Education and Society (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

ESS 34655  Education Through Time (3 cr.) Ed-Focused 

ESS 34656  Management in Heterogeneous Classrooms (3 cr.) Ed-Focused


ESS 34730  Sociology of Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Toledo, Spain

ESS 34360 Education Seminar (with experience in local schools) (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Washington, DC

ESS 34750 Politics of Education (3 cr.) Ed-Focused

Other courses available upon request. Email Ann Primus Berends with questions.


  • Take the Intro class by the middle of your junior year.
  • Choose at least two electives from the Education Focused category. The third may be either Education Focused or Education General.
  • Choose electives from different disciplines; one may be in your major (but cannot be double-counted with your major).
  • If you are a major in a course we cross-list, please register as a major, not as an ESS student. Once the semester has started, contact Ann Primus Berends to count the course for ESS.
  • Three credits of Research Lab (ESS 47602) can be counted as one Education Focused elective.
  • The Seminar in Educational Research is offered only in the fall of senior year.
  • Students who write a Thesis in Major must take an additional Education Focused elective.
  • Find information about Directed Readings here.
  • ESS will consider, on a case-by-case basis, courses not cross-listed with ESS but that have applicable content. For approval of a course, please contact Ann Primus Berends.


Students must be enrolled in the minor to register for ESS courses. Schedule an appointment with Ann Primus Berends.