Trinter Receives Grant from U.S. Embassy of Chile for Colloquium Series and Research Project

Dr. Christine Trinter, an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education within the Notre Dame Center for STEM Education, has received a grant from the U.S. Embassy of Chile to conduct a colloquium series and associated research project. The title of the project is: "One Size Does Not Fit All International Colloquium Series on Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom." This is Notre Dame's first ever grant from the US Embassy of Chile.  

The colloquium series is hosted by Trinter together with Tandem Profesores and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy of Chile, Notre Dame International and Global Gateway, and the Institute for Educational Initiatives Seed Grant. This colloquium series will bring together teachers from Latin America and Mexico together with Chilean policy makers, university partners, and non-profit organizations to explore the pragmatic ways of operationalizing policies centered on inclusion.

The series will begin in December with opening remarks by the Chilean Ministry of Education, speakers from Notre Dame and the University of Virginia and a closing panel that includes representation from policy, university, schools, and nonprofits. 

In March through May, fifty Chilean teachers will be invited to participate in a follow-up research study examining the manifestation of inclusive policy and practice in the classroom. These teachers will engage in a series of three additional forums as well as small group coaching between these sessions centered on differentiated assessment, mathematics and humanities.