Think. Pair. Share. with Dr. Kevin Baxter

From contemplating a guitar duet with Bruce Springsteen to leading the charge for thriving Catholic schools across the United States.

Kevin Baxter, Director of the Mary Ann Remick Leadership program at Notre Dame, shares some thoughts about the intangible aspects that make Catholic schools so special, leadership as vision, strategy and tactics, as well as his reflections on silly fears and big family moves.

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Notable Quotes

  • “Leadership really is about how you compel an organization, and you can think about this even beyond schools, to commit to a vision, and then put in place a strategy that's followed by tactics to achieve that vision.”

  • “Catholic schools have to create metrics around those intangible aspects like the faith formation, the sense of community, the sense of family, all these pieces that really make a Catholic school so special.”

  • “Why equity is so important, in my mind from a leadership perspective, is we are at a loss if we don't have diversity of experiences around the table when we make decisions.”

  • “Every good superintendent I've ever met, never wanted to come out of the classroom. And so I think when you're talking to people about leadership, it's really important to stress the fact that we're educators, we're talking about, educators.”