Think. Pair. Share. with Dr. Mike Macaluso

From reflections on being the Notre Dame leprechaun to inspiring lifelong, engaged readers.

Dr. Michael Macaluso, faculty member of the Alliance for Catholic Education and fellow of the Institute for Educational Initiatives, explores the implications literacy has on how we understand and therefore interact in the world, the origins of the new Alexandria Award, as well as his thoughts on a zombie apocalypse, mistaken lyrics, and DC versus Marvel comics.

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Notable Quotes

  • “This (the Alexandria Award) will change classrooms. The fact that we are giving schools books, we're getting this into teachers' hands with a curriculum guide, this will change things. That will help teachers to really think about, "Is this a book I can feasibly bring into my classroom?" It's got Notre Dame and the Alliance for Catholic Education behind it. If we give them those pieces, then maybe this will actually change the literary landscapes of our classrooms.”

  • “The idea of literacy, I think has come a long way, and that originally it was just sort of pencil to paper, alphabetic writing, reading, but I think… that literacy is not just decoding words on a page, it's not just something that is fixed or neutral, but it is something that matters in terms of how we interact in the world, how we know and understand the world, how we come to live in the world, and what it means for us to be literate beings, as opposed to just someone who can read words off of a page.”