Catholic Schools and the Common Good Launches Today

Today marks the launch of the first book in a new series from the Institute for Educational Initiatives and the University of Notre Dame Press, Catholic Schools and the Common Good

Catholic Schools and the Common Good graphic

The Case for Parental Choice: God, Family, and Educational Liberty, written by John E. Coons and edited by Nicole Stelle GarnettRichard W. Garnett, and Ernest Morrell, makes a richly humanitarian case for parental school choice, seeking to advance social justice and respect the dignity of parents — especially those on the margins. Coons' essays present a wide-ranging and morally compelling case for parental choice — a topic that's never had more real-world salience than today, as more and more states are embracing policies that empower parents to take control of their children's education. 

Catholic Schools and the Common Good, edited by Nicole Garnett and Morrell, is the first book series devoted to researching the largest private school system in the world. Volumes in this series provide both original research on Catholic schools specifically and comparative research on the effects of Catholic vs. other schooling sectors. The books in the series will focus on the K-12 educational system, examining a wide variety of topics in order to understand trends and establish best practices in Catholic education in the United States and globally. Intended to provide practical advice and theoretical underpinnings, books in the series will provide useful information and ideas for Catholic educators and administrators.

We hope you'll join us at 3:30 pm on Thursday, March 30, for the virtual book launch of The Case for Parental Choice, hosted by Notre Dame Law School's Religious Liberty Initiative. Dean G. Marcus Cole, John Coons, and other scholars and advocates will discuss the book and the state of the current school choice movement.

Join here on Zoom on March 30