Fr. Michelet Dorescar, CSC


Fr. Michelet Dorescar is the General Manager of the Congregation de Sainte Croix (CSC) Salt Facility affiliated with the University of Notre Dame’s Bon Sel Initiative (BSI). Since 2007, he has led all salt-related activities within Haiti, directing salt procurement, processing, sales and marketing, and quality assurance. Fr. Michelet and his team of approximately 50 associates serve customers in four market segments (retail, foodservice, food-processing, and industrial) and coordinate the use of fortified-salt in the battle against lymphatic filariasis and iodine deficiency disorders with the Haitian Ministry of Health. In doing so, Fr. Michelet has established the Salt Facility as the leading supplier of processed salt in Haiti and as a recognized leader in improving the health of all Haitians.   

Before joining the BSI team, Fr. Michelet held a variety of ministry roles within CSC in Haiti, Italy, and the United States. These roles included leading the Parish-Twinning Project with St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Naperville, IL; acting as the director of St. Thomas the Apostle College in Duchity-Pestel; and serving as the director of development for CSC Haiti. 

Fr. Michelet holds a certificate in philosophy from the Grand Seminary Notre Dame de Gazeau, Port-au-Prince, a baccalaureate in theology from the University Gregorienne, Rome, and a diploma in administration sciences from the University Maurice Laroche, Port-au-Prince. He is fluent in French, English, and Haitian Creole. Fr. Michelet resides in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 


Fr. Michelet Dorescar CSC Headshot