Educational Children's Television Network, Akili Kids, Released in Kenya

With widespread school closures and stay-at-home social distancing, there has never been a greater need for quality children’s programming. The Global Center for the Development of the Whole Child is pleased to share the launch of Akili Network’s Akili Kids, a free-to-air children’s television network in Kenya. Dr. Neil Boothby, the GC-DWC’s director, serves as a senior adviser for the project, which aspires to be the most trusted brand in children and family entertainment in Kenya

"Jeff Schon, CEO, has poured his heart and soul (and his own money) into transforming his dream into a reality. Akili Kids may indeed become as influential in Kenya as Sesame Street is in the United States.” 

-Dr. Neil Boothby, Director, GC-DWC


Through the provision of both imaginative and educational content, Akili Kids intends to reach nearly 20 million children in Kenya under the age of 14 with programming that features clear learning outcomes. The network hosts well-established children’s educational shows as well as original and locally-developed content. Learn more about this exciting project here!