Faith-Based Learning Network

The GC-DWC founded the Faith-Based Learning Network (FLN) to support research and dialogue that make the case for faith-based communities addressing the global challenge of children who are not reaching their full potential. The FLN is comprised of experts and mentors in the fields of theology, childhood development, innovation systems, and learning communities who work together to enhance the collective impact of faith-based community programs through the following actions:

  • Articulating a common theory for action based on scientific knowledge and practical experience.
  • Developing shared metrics and evaluation frameworks for interventions.
  • Fostering an ongoing learning community to accelerate innovation through sharing lessons and results.
  • Encouraging policy translation through cross-sectional leadership development.

Through sharing results and discussing lessons learned, the FLN is generating a body of research and practical knowledge on how to develop, refine, and evaluate innovative interventions that build pathways out of adversity for vulnerable children. Currently, projects are being implemented and evaluated in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

If you are interested in participating, please email