Madison Nemeth wins Wright, Flint-Hamilton & Mason Award for her Senior Thesis

Madison Nemeth ‘23 an Education, Schooling, & Society minor and African Studies major is the recipient of this year's Wright, Flint-Hamilton & Mason Award. This award is the highest departmental award bestowed on an undergraduate or graduate student for an original research paper that the Department of Africana Studies at Notre Dame bestows annually.

In the department’s written decision for choosing Ms. Nemeth for this high honor, they note that her talent is well shared with the academy through this research as well as with the greater South Bend, Indiana community. The awards committee notes that through her research, Ms. Nemeth “remind(s) the world of the role that education and learning can play in social change.” One of the people who nominated Ms. Nemeth for this distinguished award suggested that Ms. Nemeth’s work “is a wonderful example of how Africana Studies can lead to questions of deep inquiry and importance.”

The Education, Schooling, & Society (ESS) team shares the sentiments of their colleagues from the Department of Africana Studies about the import of Ms. Nemeth’s research and considers her work an exemplar of the ‘thesis in major’ option that ESS offers. The award-winning thesis is entitled “Evaluating Literary Texts Used in International Baccalaureate (IB) English Literature Classrooms.”

Along with our colleagues throughout the university, ESS proudly recognizes Ms. Madison Nemeth’s accomplishment through this award, and we all wish her well as she heads to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana to further her education and earn a teaching credential and hopefully take her own education and research findings back into classrooms of her own.