Positive Parenting Videos


Success Starts at Home: Positive Discipline | Sikse kòmanse lakay- disiplin pozitif 

A positive parenting video, in Haitian Creole, that shares practical insights and tips on how parents can integrate positive parenting practices into their daily lives.

Success Starts at Home: Activities that will Build a Solid Foundation | Sikse kòmanse lakay - Aktivite ki pou bati yon fondasyon solid

A positive parenting video, in Haitian Creole, that shares ideas and tips for how parents can integrate learning into everyday life and prepare their children for future success.

Experience Builds Brain Architecture | Eksperyans yon timoun fè kontribye nan konstwi chapant sèvo li

A video, in Haitian Creole, that using neuroscience to explain how early experiences impact our bodies and brains, providing the foundation for healthy development.

Eat the Rainbow | Manje Lakansyèl

Nutrition plays an important role in the physical and mental development of children. The GC-DWC and its partner Lakou Kajou-Medya Edikatif pou Timoun are launching a video on how parents can properly feed their children using local food.