Institute for Educational Initiatives

Institute Leadership and Staff

Acting Director of the Institute for Educational Initiatives
John Staud, Ph.D.

Executive Administrator
Terri Howells

Director of Communications and Advancement
Theo Helm

Business Manager
Janet Swain

Assistant Business Coordinator
Jeanne Flanagan

Associate Director of Communications
Tim Will

Communications Specialist
Audrey Scott

Facilities Coordinator
Tracy Faulkner

Administrative Assistant
Diane Freeby


Institute for Educational Initiatives Fellows

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Institute Affiliates

Ann Berends, Associate Director, Education, Schooling, and Society Minor

Rachel Fulcher-Dawson, Associate Director, Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities

Roberto Peñaloza, Research Scientist, CREO


Alliance for Catholic Education

Executive Director

John Staud

Senior Academic Advisor

Daniel Lapsley

Senior Policy Advisor

Nicole Garnett

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AP-TIP IN (Advanced Placement Training & Incentive Program for Indiana)

Program Director

Karen Morris

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Center for Research on Educational Opportunity


Mark Berends

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Education, Schooling, and Society (Undergraduate Minor)


Nicole McNeil

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Notre Dame Center for STEM Education


Matt Kloser

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