Brian Fitzpatrick


Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick is a Quantitative Research Scientist at Gibson who has been working with data on students, teachers, families, and schools for seven years. He specializes in compiling, cleaning, manipulating, and analyzing education-related data in order to improve the educational opportunity available to all students. He is particularly interested in why students develop favorable (or unfavorable) feelings about math and STEM more broadly, and how this can promote or limit their learning. Before joining Gibson, Dr. Fitzpatrick earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame, where he published his research in Educational Researcher, Sociology of Education, and the American Educational Research Journal. He also taught classes in undergraduate and graduate statistics.


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Fitzpatrick, B. R., & Mustillo, S. (2020). The Right Fit? Classroom Mismatch in Middle School and Its Inconsistent Effect on Student Learning. Sociology of Education.

*Fitzpatrick, B. R., Berends, M., Ferrare, J. J., & Waddington, R. J. (2020). Virtual Illusion: Comparing Student Achievement and Teacher and Classroom Characteristics in Online and Brick-and-Mortar Charter Schools. Educational Researcher, 49(3), 161–175.

Brian Fitzpatrick