Just Released and Available: LitWorld & CLE Research Brief “Why Stories Matter”

“Can literacy, especially storytelling, change lives and the world? Absolutely!” 

Dorothy Lee, Coyle Fellow and Executive Director of LitWorld, and Ernest Morrell and Jodene Morrell recently co-published the research brief “Why Stories Matter” which is now available as a downloadable PDF.

In this brief, the authors discuss the power of storytelling and how LitWorld has been strengthening millions of kids, educators, families, and communities around the world through storytelling. With summer LitCamps and afterschool LitClubs, LitWorld has helped children to become powerful storytellers by listening to and reading literature - and most importantly, shaping their reader and writer identities by writing their own stories.

LitWorld and the Center for Literacy Education believe in the power of stories and hope you will share our research brief widely because everyone’s story matters!

Read more at litworld.org/storiesmatter.


Why Stories Matter


Download the PDF