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Super Reader Project

The Super Reader Project is a range of programs that promotes the use of the 7 Strengths of a Super Reader Model for teaching literacy, a framework popularized in the book Every Child a Super Reader by Pam Allyn and Dr. Ernest Morrell. In this book, Allyn and Morrell identify 7 “habits and feelings that educators and parents must nurture in children to provide them with the foundations they need to become super readers” (pg. 22). The Super Reader Project facilitates programs that teach parents, teachers, and school leaders how to implement the model. The goal is to engage children across the United States in deep reading that fosters these 7 strengths—belonging, curiosity, friendship, kindness, confidence, courage, and hope.


Project Components

This project has 2 different components: 

  • Ongoing Professional Development

    The Super Reader Project assists school leaders in developing curricula and book clubs that transform students into “super readers.”

  • Summer LitCamps

    To address the “summer slide” phenomenon that impedes students’ literacy achievement, Pam Allyn created LitCamps, “a breakthrough summer literacy program that combines innovative, research-based reading and writing lessons with an engaging and interactive summer camp approach.” This is particularly significant for middle-grade students and students of color, who often show a greater extent of learning loss at the end of summer than other students. Since the program’s inception, around 684,000 students have participated in LitCamps.

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South Bend Schools

University of Notre Dame Center for Literacy Education - South Bend SchoolsThe South Bend Schools initiative is the CLE’s local branch of the Super Reader Project. It shares the same goal as the Super Reader Project—to inspire students to become lifelong lovers of meaningful literature using the 7 Strengths Model.

Program Components

The program features:

  • A four-day summer training for South Bend literacy teachers
  • Ongoing professional learning
  • Visits to schools
  • Meetings with literacy leaders
  • Help with creating classroom libraries
  • Virtual consulting with principals

Check out the CLE Pinterest page for Super Reader book and library suggestions.

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Family Literacy Nights

University of Notre Dame Center for Literacy Education - Family Literacy NightDescriptions taken from Scholastic Book Fairs' Family Reading Night Facilitator's Guide

The CLE provides school leaders with the resources and guidance to host Family Literacy Nights. During these sessions, students' parents and family members discuss "how to create literacy-rich home environments, promote the love of books and reading, and use everyday activities to build children’s literacy skills." School leaders facilitate these conversations and share "high-quality, research-based informational resources" that families should use at home with their children. 

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Speaking Engagements

Center for Literacy Education Speaking EngagementsIn 2019, Dr. Morrell shared the 7 Strengths system with almost 25,000 teachers through various talks and lectures around the country. Topics usually concern "New Directions in Literacy Teaching: Inspiring Powerful Readers and Writers in 21st Century Classrooms."

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