About the Institute

Advancing Notre Dame's Commitment to the Future of Children and Schools

Founded in 1996 under the direction of Prof. Maureen Hallinan, the Institute for Educational Initiatives has grown dramatically in its history. It now provides an intellectual home at Notre Dame for more than 80 Faculty Fellows from a range of academic disciplines who are united by a shared interest in K-12 education. Through teaching, research, and outreach, Institute Fellows and affiliates strive to improve the education of all young people, particularly the disadvantaged, with a special--though not exclusive--call to sustain, strengthen, and transform elementary and secondary Catholic schools.



Academic Programs: Advancing Notre Dame’s Commitment to the Future of Schools

Teacher preparation and licensing: Annual Reports

Title II Section 207 of the Higher Education Act (HEA) requires states, as recipients of HEA funds, and all institutions with teacher preparation programs that enroll students receiving federal financial assistance, to prepare annual reports on teacher preparation and licensing. Please click the following links for the University of Notre Dame's reports.