Liam Driscoll


Liam Driscoll teaches elementary children at Annunciation Catholic School in Denver, a Catholic EL School.

For his first three years as a teacher, he taught third grade in a self contained classroom. He loved being with his last class so much, that this year, he moved up with them! Liam now teaches fourth and fifth grade Literacy, Social Studies, and Religion.

After school in the fall and winter, he coached the "widget" basketball team, made up of his 2nd-4th grade boys. Year round, he works with Denver City Lax, so he gets to work and coach with Annunciation Middle Schoolers. This past year, he and his team spent the summer and fall together in a book club. Liam’s role at Annunciation also includes being a member of the Leadership Team.

He loves his kids and he loves the opportunity to teach and be with his kids. Liam believes that teaching kids allows us to live out a life of love, peace, service, growth, and awakening. Building a learning community on compassion, relationships, peace, justice, collaboration, and action brings him a tremendous amount of joy and hope; and hope and compassion brings Liam back to the classroom every morning.

CLE O'Shaughnessy Fellow

Liam Driscoll - Center for Literacy Education O'Shaughnessy Fellow