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Anna R. Haskins’ research examines how three of America’s most powerful social institutions—the education system, the family, and the criminal justice system—connect and interact in ways that both preserve and mitigate social inequality, with emphases on early educational outcomes, intergenerational impacts, and disparities by race/ethnicity. Her work has been published in the American Sociological ReviewSocial ForcesSociological ScienceSociology of Education and Social Science Research, among other scholarly outlets, and she is co-editor of a recent book – When Parents are Incarcerated: Interdisciplinary Research and Interventions to Support Children (2018, APA Press). Her current projects explore meso-level processes through which schools inhibit or promote institutional engagement among system-involved families, as well as studying more complicated intersections between schooling and punishment such as public attitudes around college-in-prison programs. Anna is a former elementary school teacher and prior to coming to Notre Dame she was an assistant professor of sociology at Cornell University. 

Shackling Children's Futures

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Race and Resilience

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Branigan, Amelia R., Rachel Ellis, Wade C. Jacobsen, and Anna R. Haskins. 2023. “System Management and Compensatory Parenting: Educational Involvement Following Maternal Incarceration.” Criminology.


Haskins, Anna R., Wade C. Jacobsen, and Joel Mittleman. 2023. “Optimism and Obstacles: Racialized Constraints in College Attitudes and Expectations among Teens of the Prison Boom.” Sociology of Education 96: 211-233.

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