Think. Pair. Share. with Fr. Joe Carey, CSC

From handmade Father’s Day gifts and the origin stories of “Cup of Joe” and FJ’s cookies, to the fine art of welcoming people on the journey and building community for all

Fr. Joe Carey, CSC, the chaplain for the Alliance for Catholic Education, discusses being called to love everyone he meets and serve others in the imitation of Jesus; listening, affirming, and helping people along the way, as well as being related to the Gerber baby, the secret ingredient in his famous cookies, and laying the groundwork for a rom-com vs Disney showdown.

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Notable Quotes

  • “It's all about love for me. We are men and women with hope to bring. That's one of our foundations of our community life, we have to remember that. We can't get into being cynical, or we have to move away from that and bring the hope, share the hope, listen for the hope, point it out, like John the Baptist recognized Jesus. There he is, he's the one. And so, it takes us doing that to realize we need to be renewed in hope to be able to help find hope.”

  • “What I find life-giving is creating trust. In order to do that, you have to be willing too. Some come in with, "Here's what I think you should do." It's really opening yourself to being willing to hear anything and to not judge. I think judgment drives young people away. And so to be Christ-like means that you just cannot judge. And being willing to accept the fact that people have different experiences; of Notre Dame, or of ACE, or of teaching. Jesus usually answered a question by asking a question. "Who do you say I am?" He asked his disciples and great teachings came through that way. You have to help the person articulate who they are and what the meaning is in their lives. ”

  • "I love going to visit schools. I see our people, ACE teachers, I'm in awe of them. They're talented and they're gifted. They don't believe in themselves enough. They think they have to be perfect and they need to know that everyone can mess up. It's not the end of the world for some kid who are gonna more remember how you treated them than whether you knew north from south. I want them to see how beautiful they are in the eyes of God."