Think. Pair. Share. with Dr. Katy Lichon

From Easter traditions and proper chocolate-bunny-eating etiquette to embracing and empowering the transformative power of the Latino community within Catholic schools

Dr. Katy Lichon, Director of Catholic School Advantage and the English as a New Language Program, discusses the domestic Church and how the legacy of Catholic education can inform our future; celebrating all gifts, talents, and cultures, as well as, Easter egg hunts, rolls, and what can happen when you give a mouse a cookie.

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Notable Quotes

  • “We have this model of to embrace, to educate and to empower… We believe in embracing the changing demographics of the church, and if we do that well, it means that we are absolutely called to provide the best educational opportunities for our children and for their families. So to embrace, educate and to empower. And if we do all of this correctly, then our families are empowered to share their unique gifts and talents to renew our communities, to renew our schools, and to renew our church. And so those three ideas ground us.”

  • “Did you know that learning a second language is a superpower? Did you know that being multilingual is a superpower, did you know how hard these children are working and how incredible their brains are? There has been a tremendous shift in practice. But we often start with that disposition of understanding how incredible these kids are and how hard they're working. And to have a teacher who now walks into her classroom who looks at her beautiful children, and says, "I see you, I'm here for you. I'm your advocate." That's success in my book.”

  • “I think the common thread is that our Catholic schools have always done a beautiful job of serving immigrant, marginalized communities in a way that values the gifts that they bring. And so what we're looking at today is just an increasing number of Hispanic Catholics in the US Catholic Church. And so I really look at how our church is going to respond, how our schools are going to respond, and what does this renewal of our Catholic schools look like if we are to continue this incredible tradition of serving immigrant and marginalized communities in our presence, folding into what is the future... Our great legacy and our future of our Catholic schools.”