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K-12 STEM education stands at a critical inflection point as government, industry, and leaders in education recognize the important role these disciplines play in our social, economic, and global welfare.  Institutions of higher education have a significant role to play in realizing an ambitious vision for STEM education. The University of Notre Dame and its Center for STEM Education are uniquely positioned to investigate many of the emerging questions in STEM education and translate the findings into practice. The Center collaborates with departments and programs across campus, across the state, and across the nation to address emerging needs in STEM education, especially through its broad network of Catholic school partners. Moreover, the Center seeks to make a lasting impact in STEM education through its research and the translation of evidence-based findings into programs and longitudinal teacher professional development directed toward increasing student interest and achievement in the STEM disciplines.

The director of the Center is Dr. Matt Kloser.



Animated by the mission of the University of Notre Dame, the Center for STEM Education, through innovative research and the translation of research into practice, helps all students, especially the underserved and those in Catholic schools, engage and excel in STEM disciplines.


  • The Center conducts quantitative and qualitative research on the teaching and learning of the STEM disciplines, the organization and impact of STEM-focused schools, and on STEM teachers’ assessment practices.
  • The Center translates contemporary research into practice through professional development focused on core disciplinary teaching practice, integrated STEM pedagogy, and assessment practices.
  • The Center provides young people access to high-quality STEM learning opportunities such as extended summer learning experiences focused on anatomy & physiology, robotics, and computational thinking.
  • The Center’s faculty teach courses exploring issues of STEM education and educational research.


  • The Center for STEM Education is located on the 3rd floor of Carole Sandner Hall
  • The Center’s website, under development, is
  • The mailing address is 107 Carole Sandner Hall, Notre Dame IN 46530 and the phone number is 574.631.4678