Center for Literacy Education

Ernest Morrell

No single gift is more precious and empowering than the gift of reading. Academic literacy rates are positively correlated to life expectancy, educational outcomes, and earning potential, while low literacy rates are negatively correlated to incarceration, dropping out, and unemployment.

With the generous support of a Notre Dame Family from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, the Institute founded the Center for Literacy Education, led by inaugural director Dr. Ernest Morrell, a nationally known expert in critical educational theory, social movement theory, English education, and African diaspora popular culture.

The Center fosters collaboration between the Institute's English education faculty and the College of Arts and Letters with the goal of transforming literacy scholarship and practice in today's urban and multicultural urban schools, With the support of the O'Shaugnessy Foundation Endowment for Excellence in K-12 Research, it works with ACE's English educators and K-12 leaders and classroom teachers to create a dialogue focused upon what is known about powerful literacy teaching and learning and what we will need to know in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of literacy education in the future. 

The model is grounded in three levels to create sustainable transformation: forming talent, including teachers and future Ph.D.s: expanding access to create summer camps and community literacy centers, both in the United States and internationally; and path-breaking research.