Teacher and School of the Year

2013-14 Award Winners

School of the Year

Crawford County High School

Awarded to Crawford County High School for every stakeholder's participation and excellent growth in their pass rate on the AP MSE Exams for the 2013-14 school year.


Teachers of the Year


Leslie Smith, Elkhart Central High School

Awarded to Mrs. Smith, the AP English Literature teacher for Elkhart Central High School which is a Cohort 1 school.  Mrs. Smith excelled in institutionalizing the AP English program at Elkhart Central and is a leader amongst her peers.


Shadd Clarke, Jeffersonville High School

Awarded to Mr. Clarke, the AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC teacher for Jeffersonville High School which is a Cohort I school.  Mr. Clarke not only had a significant impact on students at Jeffersonville, but for all students at AP-TIP IN schools throughout the state of Indiana as an extraordinary AP Saturday Conference Presenter.


Christian Horner, Westfield High School

Awarded to Mr. Horner, the AP Physics B and AP Physics C teacher for Westfield High School which is a Cohort 2 school.  Mr. Horner's students had a near perfect pass rate on the AP Physics B and AP Physics C exams.  Mr. Horner is a champion of the AP-TIP IN program, as a teacher and presenter for AP Saturday Conferences.


For the 2013-14 school year, 20 grant schools had 4,490 students participating in 6,732 math, science, and English courses.  

Theses students earned $299,600!  

  • The number of students earning qualifying (3, 4, or 5) scores on the AP math, scienc, and English Exams is 1,999 (many students are enrolled in more than one course).  
  • For each AP math, science, and English Exam passed, the student is awarded $100.  

The 20 grant schools and their teachers were awarded $286,900 based on students' qualifying scores and teacher participation in various professional development opportunities developed for the teachers.