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Indiana’s i3 Grant


What is NMSI?

The National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) was formed in 2006 to address one of this nation’s greatest economic and intellectual threats: the declining number of students who are prepared for and take rigorous college courses in mathematics and science. To flourish in the 21st century, the United States must continue to generate intellectual capital that can drive the research and development activities that fuel the economic engine of our future prosperity.

The primary goal of NMSI and the Indiana effort, AP-TIP IN, is to increase the number of students who gain qualifying scores (scoring 3 or higher) on AP® math, science and English (MSE) exams. This mission is served by partnering with AP-TIP IN to provide AP teacher training and incentive programs for teachers, schools and students in Indiana.

For more information visit the National Math + Science Initiative's site.


How is Indiana involved with NMSI?

As a non-for-profit organization centered in the Institute for Educational Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame, AP-TIP IN is subcontracting with NMSI for the i3 (Investing in Innovation) grant to serve Indiana public secondary schools. AP-TIP IN will be required to implement proven strategies to increase significantly the number of students taking and receiving qualifying scores in AP® MSE courses and exams. These include extensive formal and informal training of AP® and Pre-AP teachers, additional time on task for students, financial incentives based on academic results, and cultivation of lead teachers to provide leadership to the program by mentoring other AP® and Pre-AP teachers.


How were schools identified to participate in AP-TIP IN?

Schools that have made some effort to expand or sustain their MSE AP® programs and that are able to qualify their students as “high need” in any one of the following areas were identified to participate:

o   Low-income/FRPL (INDIANA defined as 32% - the state median)      OR

o   Minority (INDIANA defined as 19% - the state median)                        OR

o   Achievement gap (generally, as it relates to STEM, and as it relates to AP).

Invitations to participate in the i3 grant were solicited in June, 2011 with identification and MOU’s submitted by July 1, 2011. 


Who was selected to participate?

Thirty-three Indiana high schools have the opportunity to participate in the 5-year grant program.  Each school that opts in to implementing the grant will receive funding for a three-year period over the course of the grant.  The schools will be funded in as cohorts.

       The 36 Indiana High Schools selected:


Cohort 1


Cohort 2


Cohort 3


Concord Community Ben Davis Arsenal Tech  Benton Central 
Elkhart Central Crawford County Broad Ripple  Clinton Prairie
Elkhart Memorial Gavit George Rogers Clark Decatur Central
Jeffersonville Hammond Crispus Attucks Greencastle
Mississinewa Kokomo Eastern Greene  Penn
Perry Meridian Lake Central Edgewood  Westview
Pike Lawrence Central Lebanon   
Southport Lawrence North Morton   

 Richmond Senior

New Prairie  
  Westfield Whitko  
  Whiteland Community    


Who do I contact if I have any questions?

AP-TIP IN Program Director Karen Morris                 

University of Notre Dame                                                        

(574) 631-6945