2015 Results

The AP-TIP IN program reports on its third year of building STEM-related college- and career-readiness.

Success stories for high school students, educators, and schools:

The information relevant to the overall 2014-2015 results for the Indiana schools participating in AP-TIP IN, were announced on October 6, 2015, at Kokomo High School. Reporters interested in the results for particular schools in their audience area are invited to email Program Director, Karen Morris at Karen.Morris.3@nd.edu.

View the archived AP-TIP IN Press Conference announcing the awards and successes, thanks to Kokomo High School's FastPlaySports Network.

Building Years in 2015/2016 -- School Successes, New Grants

News coverage and press releases from participating schools:

This video looks back at the students, educators, and schools who gathered in autumn 2014 to celebrate their College Board Advanced Placement (R) success:


Here's the previous AP-TIP IN Success Story (text) for school year 2013-2014 -- in statewide statistics ...