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wibbenssmaller Erin Wibbens
Faculty of Instruction and Supervision
ACE Teaching Fellows


Alliance for Catholic Education

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Certo, J.L., Apol, L., Wibbens, E., & Hawkins, L. (2012). Living the Poet's Life: Using an Aesthetic Approach to Poetry to Enhance Preservice Teachers' Poetry Experiences and Dispositions. English Education.

Stanulis, R.N., Little, S., & Wibbens, E. (2012).  Intensive mentoring that        contributes to change in beginning teachers instructional practices in literacy. Teaching and Teacher Education.

Stanulis R.,N., Brondyk, S.K., Little, S., & Wibbens, E. (2014).  Mentoring beginning teachers to enact discussion-based teaching.  Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning.



As faculty of supervision and instruction within ACE Teaching Fellows, Erin Wibbens works to support the development of beginning elementary teachers. A graduate of both Notre Dame and ACE affiliate LU CHOICE in Chicago, Erin's work as a primary grade teacher shaped her research interest in literacy teaching and learning.

Currently, Erin studies the development of literacy pedagogy and has interests in literacy professional development as well as the academic enrichment and support of Catholic Schools. She earned her PhD in Curriculum, Teaching and Education Policy from Michigan State University. Erin and her husband, Jim, live in Chicago with their three children.