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Ann Primus Berends

Education, Schooling, and Society

Institute for Educational Initaitives

100-A Carole Sandner Hall

University of Notre Dame, IN 46556 / 574.631.1672



Associate Director, Education, Schooling, and Society Minor



B.A., Calvin College

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Ann has worked as a writer/editor in Madison, WI; Washington, DC; and Nashville, TN. Additionally, she has worked in a range of ministries including children's literacy, college student outreach, and life skills training for adults with special needs. Before moving to South Bend in 2009, she was a research project manager at Vanderbilt University in its National Center on School Choice. She was an associate director for ACE Advocates for four years and, as associate director of the ESS minor, she continues her role as a member of the ACE communications team. Ann and her husband, Mark, are the parents of three children.