Excellence in Leadership

The leading-edge undertakings of the Institute for Educational Initiatives can be grouped in three categories. One of those is excellence in leadership: investing in professional formation.

The Institute develops teachers, leaders, and other informed stakeholders capable of realizing long-term, transformational influence on K-12 schools and school systems, public and private.


This work is accomplished within these units of Institute:

Teaching Fellows A two-year program for recent college graduates, including on-campus formation and classroom experience as teachers in under-resourced Catholic elementary and secondary schools around the US. The curriculum leads to a Master of Education (M. Ed.) degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program. A two-year program for current teachers, including on-campus formation and apprenticeship experience in leadership functions while the individual continues usual classroom employment. The curriculum, also incorporating a significant applied-research component, leads to a Master of Arts in educational leadership (M.A.) degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Program for Inclusive Education and English as a New Language  Each of these licensure programs for inclusionary practices is a one-year program for current teachers combining on-campus and online courses while these individuals continue their teaching activities.

An interdisciplinary academic minor open to University of Notre Dame undergraduates, offered through the College of Arts and Letters.

  • Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program. Indiana is involved in a major initiative to boost student learning in ways that will help college and career readiness, school educational resources, and local and statewide participation in the 21st century economy. The AP-TIP IN program, representing a partnership from the worlds of education, business, and government and based upon a proven model for improved math and science teaching, is administered by the University of Notre Dame through its Institute for Educational initiatives.