Respected Irish Educator Brings ACE Experts to Dublin Radio

June 27, 2014William Schmitt


ACE was privileged to host Dr. Seán Delaney, an administrator and educator at the Marino Institute of Education in Dublin, during the winter of 2014 as he pursued further research at Notre Dame regarding K-12 education—and the education of Catholic school teachers—in dialogue with the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) and the Institute for Educational Initiatives. Sean, a recognized expert who hosts the “Inside Education” program on Dublin radio, conducted interviews with several pioneering ACE and IEI scholars during his latest visit in the United States. He is airing those interviews in Dublin from time to time and posting them as podcasts for a worldwide Internet audience. To date, his interviews with three distinguished fellows of the Institute have explore a range of issues, from teaching and learning to government policies influencing acess to a quality education for students from all backgrounds.

Sean interviewed Dr. Nicole McNeil, a Notre Dame professor of psychology, about her groundbreaking work in young students’ understandings of mathematics that spring from their grasp of equal-sign concepts. The interview is from Feb. 15, 2014.

He also interviewed Dr. Darcia Narvaez, a Notre Dame professor of psychology, about her compelling insights into moral education for children. The interview is from June 22, 2014. Narvaez writes the popular Psychology Today blog, “Moral Landscapes.

Sean also posted an interview with Dr. Mark Berends, a Notre Dame professor of sociology who directs the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity and the Research Center on Educational Policy. Their discussion spans a range of issues in U.S. K-12 educaton, including school choice.

Most recently, he discussed the history of, and relationship between, U.S. public and Catholic schools in an interview with Dr. Christian Dallavis, senior director of leadership programs for the Alliance for Catholic Education and innovative leader of the Notre Dame ACE Academies model of comprehensive university-school partnerships. 

Sean fosters international research and conversation  at his website.