Protecting Children from Tragedy of Abuse in Sport Camps

April 15, 2013William Schmitt

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Play Like a Champion Today ®, the unit of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives generating scholarship and services to support character education through sports, will host a symposium on protecting children from the tragedy of abuse.

In particular, the one-day symposium titled “Championing Children through Collegiate Sport Camps” will help college athletic departments plan responsibly to ensure every child’s full safety during the summer sport camps run by these departments.

“Camp coach counselors must be well prepared to protect the children entrusted to them,” says Clark Power, a Notre Dame psychology professor and founding co-director of Play Like a Champion Today. “Based on years of experience and extensive research, this symposium will help coaches understand what they need to do to respect all participants and create the most nurturing sport environment possible.”

The symposium will take place April 26 on the Notre Dame campus, and online registration is requested by April 19. Experts from the legal profession, social work, developmental psychology, and coaching education will explore the moral, legal, and psychological issues. For more details on the subjects and schedule, see the Play Like a Champion Today website.