ESS Panel Evokes Local Success Stories

March 30, 2012William Schmitt

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A panel of educational leaders in the South Bend area addressed issues raised by the Notre Dame Forum series on "reimagining K-12 schools," and more than 80 attendees heard success stories from local schools and organizations.

The March 27 event was sponsored by the Notre Dame undergraduates pursuing the Education, Schooling, and Society minor, which is an academic program housed within the Institute for Educational Initiatives.

Four school principals--Deb Martin of McKinley Primary Center, Karla Lee of Edison Intermediate Center, John Kennedy of New Tech High School, and Darice Austin-Phillips of Perley Primary Fine Arts Academy--engaged in the panel discussion. They were accompanied by local organizations, teachers, and principals sharing their stories through follow-up conversations and poster presentations in Notre Dame's McKenna Center. A total of 10 poster presentations offered attendees a broad and up-close view of local education.

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