CCF Conducting Study of Children's Memory

October 24, 2011William Schmitt

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The CCFis looking for children aged 4-6 and their parent to participate in a Memory Study, with psychology professor and .IEI Fellow Kristin Valentino as principal investigator.

We are looking for children, aged 4-6, and their parent to participate in the Memory Study. The study is trying to understand more about what young children remember about past events and how their memory changes with age. The study involves one 45-min. visit to the Center during which your child will tell stories about times from his/her past and will participate in language and cognitive activities designed to be fun and engaging. Parents receive a $15 gift card, and children receive a toy or book. If you are interested in more information, or in signing up for the study, contact Laureen Poinsatte at 631-1569 or email to