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Notre Dame Researchers Add Insights for Teacher Evaluations

January 25, 2014William Schmitt

New research led by the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Research on Educational Opportunity (CREO) points a way forward to improve certain teacher performance evaluation systems.

These systems look closely at the question: To what degree did the teachers add value, that is, did students of these teachers grow and achieve more than expected, as measured by their test score gains? Read More

Winter Learning Draws Brazilian Teachers to South Bend Classes

January 24, 2014William Schmitt

This winter the University of Notre Dame is privileged to host 30 English teachers from Brazil, and an extra welcome offered by the South Bend community is expanding this international experience to local students and educators alike.

The Brazilian visitors were selected from a pool of over 1000 applicants to come to the United States to improve their English and their instructional abilities. A pivotal piece of their six week stay will be an opportunity to spend time in classrooms in the local South Bend public schools. Each will collaborate with a local teacher to exchange ideas, plan lessons and engage in instruction. Read More

Grant Boosts Notre Dame Center's Research on Science Teachers' Use of Student Data

January 02, 2014William SchmittCategories: Default

The Notre Dame Center for STEM Education has been awarded a $300,000 grant by the Spencer Foundation to study how indicators of student learning can influence—and help to improve—the instructional practices of middle-school science teachers in the classroom.

This grant, part of the Foundation’s support for pathbreaking research through its “Evidence for the Classroom” initiative, is a collaboration between PI, Dr. Matt Kloser

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