Shana Scogin


Shana is a graduate student in Political Science studying comparative politics. She graduated with a BA from Kenyon College in 2007 and with an MA from Marquette University in 2013 in Political Science. Her research interests include comparative politics, political theory, and methodology, with interests in post-disaster rebuilding, education, gender, empowerment, and participation.

Shana's dissertation looks primarily at post-disaster Nepal. She is also on a team looking at education and citizenship in Kenya. To remain connected to the community, she mentors with a nonprofit in Nepal called Samaanta Foundation that helps rural, marginalized Nepali students study in Kathmandu. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods, including Bayesian statistics, causal inference, and mixed methods approaches.

Advisor: Jaimie Bleck and Jeff Harden

Burns Fellow

Kenyon College - BA

Marquette University - MA

Shana Scogin ND PIER