Kathleen Moran


Kathleen Moran joins us as an administrative assistant after spending the last ten years working in the health field. She created a department with two specialties from the ground up within an existing practice in her most recent role as a clinical director. While treating patients, Kathleen also enjoyed her time teaching undergraduate writing courses, designing and editing web pages, and writing. She is truly grateful for all these experiences in educating and serving others.

Her other interest is traveling internationally to meet new people and explore different cultures. Kathleen only has two continents left to touch down on before completing all seven!

307S Carole Sandner Hall
  • 2011 B.A., English Literature, Saint Mary's College
  • 2013 B.S., Dental Hygiene, Indiana University South Bend
  • 2017 M.A., English, Indiana University South Bend

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