Christine Cherichella


Christine Cherichella has been joyously teaching and learning with her third graders at a public school on the Upper Westside in NYC for the past four years.

She received her Master’s in Inclusive Elementary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2017 and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Fordham University. Currently, Christine collaborates with her colleagues on the Culturally Responsive Curriculum Committee which develops school-wide initiatives to affirm the social and cultural identities of all students, including those who may not be represented in the community. 

In her own classroom, Christine works to foster a strong, inclusive community that celebrates the unique experiences, talents, and beliefs that all of her kids bring into the classroom! She is a huge believer in the magic of  whole-class read alouds. She feels that the power of a good book can open students’ eyes to new experiences, inspire meaningful conversations, and promote thoughtful writing about reading.

Christine is thrilled to be invited to the O’Shaughnessy Fellowship, she looks forward to exploring how to further instill a genuine love for literacy in her students’ hearts!

CLE O'Shaughnessy Fellow

Christine Cherichella