International Education Research Initiative

Faith-based institutions are pivotal providers of education globally, especially in low-income contexts; the Catholic Church alone represents the single largest non-governmental provider of K-12 education, serving over 62 million students in over 221,000 schools as of 2019.

Despite the Catholic Church’s near-ubiquitous presence as a global provider of education, systematic empirical research of its contribution to the overall landscape of international education has been scarce, especially in the Global South. As a result, we know little about its impact and the challenges it faces. In response to this gap between the needs of practitioners and current scholarship, the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies have jointly established an ambitious, multidisciplinary research program aimed at better understanding the role of faith-based education internationally.

The International Education Research Initiative aims to strengthen and enhance Catholic education at a global level, joining the missionary zeal of the Congregation of Holy Cross to serve the poor and vulnerable throughout the world. 

International Education Research Initiative: Workstreams