Julie Braungart-Rieker


Dr. Braungart-Rieker is a developmental psychologist whose research focuses on social and emotional development during infancy and early childhood. In particular, she is interested in the development of children's abilities to regulate and manage emotions. Using longitudinal designs, she examines the extent to which children's characteristics, parenting practices, the spousal relationship, and the fathers' role in the family relate to outcomes such as children's ability to manage distress, parent-child attachment security, and children's social competence. In a second line of work, Braungart-Rieker focuses on the family processes that may relate to early-onset childhood obesity. She is currently running a large-scaled longitudinal study funded by the National Institutes of Heath that tests preventative interventions designed to enhance parenting of both mothers and fathers as well as to improve couples' communication skills. Her publications have appeared in Child Development, Developmental Psychology, Family Psychology, Applied Developmental Psychology, Infancy, and other scholarly outlets. Dr. Braungart-Rieker is also the Director of the Shaw Center for Children & Families.

Corbett Family Hall
IEI Fellows

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University


(S = co-authored publication with current or previous Notre Dame graduate student(s))

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Braungart-Rieker, Julie