CREO's Carbonaro Honored for Service to Graduate Students

The Center for Research in Educational Opportunity (CREO) at the University of Notre Dame and its director Dr. Mark Berends congratulate assistant director Bill Carbonaro, who was awarded the University’s 2011 award for the outstanding Director of Graduate Studies.

Carbonaro is the first recipient of this new award, the Notre Dame DGS of the Year. He was honored for his excellent work as director of graduate students for the Department of Sociology.

Department chairman Rory McVeigh had this to say about Bill’s work, “While I am certain that there are many very good directors of graduate study on campus, I cannot imagine that there is one who is more competent, conscientious, and forward-looking than Bill Carbonaro.”

Notre Dame’s Dean of the Graduate School, Gregory E. Sterling, echoed McVeigh’s praises of CREO’s Carbonaro, “Although competition for the award was very stiff, Bill has had a greater impact on his program than any other current director of graduate studies. He has reworked the program from the ground up. He has changed most of the key elements of the program and made it far more efficient and effective for students.”

"The goal was pretty simple," Carbonaro commented after receiving the award. "We have great faculty. We needed a program that ensured that students received the intellectual and professional development necessary to be outstanding young researchers and excellent teachers. All the changes that we made were motivated by that vision.”

CREO is proud that Bill has received this recognition and excited about his ongoing work at CREO and in the Department of Sociology. He has been a professor of sociology at Notre Dame since 2000 and the assistant director of CREO since 2007.  He specializes in the sociology of education, social stratification, research methods, and statistics.

(Thanks to CREO staff for preparation of this news release.)