Frankie (Mary Frances) Jones, Ph.D.


Frankie Jones currently serves as faculty for the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program and the faculty liaison for school revitalization for the Notre Dame ACE Academies.

She also teaches within the Educational, Schooling, and Society supplemental major. Frankie's research focuses on efficacious approaches to improving teaching and learning in schools, and the ways in which teachers and school leaders facing accountability pressures successfully enact improvement strategies and cultivate productive school properties for improvement. Her scholarship and practice primarily focus on vulnerable schools in need of turnaround.

307D Carole Sandner Hall

Clark Seminar Scholar, AERA 2015

IEI Fellows
  • M. Ed., University of Notre Dame
  • B.A., University of Notre Dame

Cosner, S., & Jones, M. F. (in press). Leading school-wide improvement in low-performing schools facing conditions of accountability: Key actions and considerations. Journal of Educational Administration.

Frankie Jones