Crossroads of America: The Intersection of Research & Policy in the Indiana School Choice Ecosystem

Monday, June 9th - Tuesday, June 10th

Over the past decade, the State of Indiana has introduced a series of school choice reforms aimed at increasing the number and quality of statewide K-12 educational alternatives available to Hoosier families. These programs have created new opportunities for families in the public and private sectors through charter schools, scholarship tax credits, and choice scholarships. Indiana has risen to the forefront of school choice implementation in the United States as a result of the expansiveness of these programs. Furthermore, the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives and the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity are uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of the intersection between independent research and policy implementation on school choice in Indiana.


The Institute for Educational Initiatives and the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity are hosting a conference intended to bridge the gap between research and policy on educational choice in the State of Indiana.  This conference serves as a forum for the research community, school leaders, and policymakers to examine objective research on school choice through the unique ecosystem of Indiana. The research presented at the conference and resulting discussions together provide the opportunity for an improved understanding and implementation of programs and policies as school choice in Indiana—and other states—continues to expand.



Keynote Speaker Session Topics Include:


Helen F. Ladd, The Edgar Thompson Professor of Public Policy Studies and Professor of Economics at Duke University
  • Policy Perspectives on the Indiana School Choice Ecosystem
  • Research on the Implementation of Indiana Choice Programs
  • Research on the Effectiveness of Indiana Choice Programs
  • Broader Impacts of Choice and Future Directions