"Pathways to Child Flourishing" Conference

Fri Sep 26, 2014

McKenna Center

Location: McKenna Center

Institute for Educational Initiatives fellows are invited to attend the “Pathways to Child Flourishing” conference Sept. 26-30, sponsored by Notre Dame’s Center for Children and Families.

Darcia Narvaez, a nationally known psychology professor and Institute fellow who chairs the conference, extends a particular invitation to a lecture titled, “Learning to Trust: Applying Attachment Theory to the Elementary School Classroom.”

Marilyn Watson, Ph.D., emeritus director of programs from the Developmental Studies Center in Oakland, CA, will present the lecture. She is the author, along with classroom teacher Laura Ecken, of Learning to Trust: Transforming Difficult Elementary Classrooms through Developmental Discipline.

Watson directed the Child Development Project, which has been called one of the most effective moral development projects ever implemented. She integrates developmental and educational psychology and classroom management.

Date and time of the lecture: Monday, Sept. 29, at 7:30 pm

All members of the ND community and the general public are invited to register to attend the entirety of different portions of the symposium--see those descriptions at the "Pathways to Child Floursihing" webpage. Friday night event: free of charge. Saturday through Sunday noon: $75. For the academic conference Sunday afternoon through Tuesday: $100. These fees cover lunches, receptions, and coffee breaks. 


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