Deborah Ball, Dean, U. Mich. School of Education

Fri Nov 15, 2013, 10:30AM - 12:00PM

Remick Commons, Carole Sandner Hall

Location: Remick Commons, Carole Sandner Hall


"It's a Moral Imperative: Skillful Teaching Can't Be Left to Chance"

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan, will present this lecture as part of the CREO Seminar series hosted by the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity in the Instittue for Educational Initiatives.

This presentation will consider what would be involved in building a system to make skillful teaching the right of all students, rather than––as it is currently in this country–– a matter of chance that is deeply inequitable.  Unlike some who argue that the provision of talented teachers requires “lowering the bar” for entry to teaching, I will argue the opposite––that what we need is to raise the standard by articulating what is fundamental to responsible entry-level teaching, to develop approaches to teaching ordinary people to carry out that work responsibly and responsively, and strong infrastructure for the continued learning and improvement of practice.  The pitfalls and risks of this argument will also be considered.

The lecture and conversation will be followed by a light reception in Remick Commons. Free and open to the public.

Ball is the William F. Payne Collegiate Professor in education at the University of MIchigan and director of a new organization called TeachingWorks. Learn more about her.


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