Collaborations and Partnerships


The Institute for Educational Initiative is an active promoter of collaborations and partnerships and a builder of many relationships—all to support the education of youth.


Units and individuals of the Institute are collaborating in many interdisciplinary and creative ways, involving organizations such as these:


Institute units and individuals are involved in projects that include many partner organizations at the international, national, state, and local levels. Notre Dame's Office of Public Affairs recognizes the Institute and ACE engagement in the local communities around the campus. Partner organizations include these:


A major area of collaboration and partnership, extending from April 2011 through the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, is taking place right on campus. The Notre Dame Forum is a tradition at the University of Notre Dame that focuses the community’s attention on one important topic for the period of an academic year. In 2011-2012, the subject is education reform, and the Institute and ACE are a primary part of the university-wide cooperation in planning discussions to shed new light on K-12 schooling in the United States.


Your engagement with the cause of improved educational opportunities for all children can begin through the Institute, whose units and individuals engage in collaborations and partnerships like these: 

  • Events for enrichment and professional development
    • CREO Seminars
    • ACE conferences and symposia
      • ACE Summer ForumThe Catholic Endowment Management Conference
      • Parental Choice Symposium
      • The Principals Academy
      • School Board Seminars
      • The School Pastors Institute
      • The Superintendents Strategic Leadership Conference
      • Mary Ann Remick Leadership Conference